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104 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211  |  8 AM - 5 PM

Pablo Nieto

NFT Launch

We believe that making art is the most innovative way to help humans understand the impact of climate change. 1 Climate 8 Realities NFT collection includes 20 artworks by 8 GAN artists who utilize the same climate change data set to create different works of art. The collection employs artificial intelligence as a lens to explore visual art for today’s climate forward and NFT savvy audience. 1 Climate 8 Realities rethinks environmentalism in the context of art-technology relationship.


The artworks by Benedikt Falkenstein, Cassandra Hood, Pablo Nieto, Thomas Noya, Makoto Sekine, Joseph Tsukka, Claudio Valdebenito, and Yunomi Well

Artwork Available on OpenSea

On View at Lion's Milk Through September 30

All of the proceeds from the 1C8R NFT Collection is benefiting the WILD Foundation.


The WILD Foundation is building a global movement to protect wilderness. Saving Earth's wild places has the power to halt climate change and end mass extinction. Every single one of us depends on wilderness. When we protect and restore it, we defend life and build a wild and healthy future for humanity.


WILD strives to understand people’s art, language, traditions, politics, and values. Art is a powerful, eye-opening tool that invites people into the world of conservation. There is no "wrong way" to join in the protection of Earth and its remaining cultures and creatures. This is why WILD reinforces collaborative efforts through a variety of mediums and art forms.


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Featured Artists

Featured Artists

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